I am

an Italian girl coping on a daily basis with the several limits put by gluten.

I am from Trento, but two years ago I moved to Spain to pursue my degree in Law and I am now living in Madrid.






By my side there will be Giulia, who will help me with the online visuals and management, even though she is not celiac.




Giulia and I met during an exchange in the United States and soon became inseparable. Having this project together is a great and different way to keep in touch and work on something together while we are living in two different states.

If you are now visiting this page, it means you are probably dealing with my same problems and know how hard it is to especially travel and try typical and tasty food when the choices are well restricted!

I hope it will help you realize that there are always more choices  for us abroad and in the cities we live in!

We hope you enjoy it!

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