Manna Dew, London

“It’s all about the texture”

This is the added value the founders of this amazing 100% GF Bakery in London Manna Dew wants to give their clients. The owners, Mohamed Aboughazala and Diana Voroneca have in fact been working on it for many years. We have had the pleasure to not only try their delicious gluten free food, but also to know their story, which we will tell you as well as it gives an added value to all their products. 

After having been diagnosed gluten free, it did not take long to Mohamed to realize that the quality of gluten free products available on the market not always corresponded to the price one paid for it, which as we know, tends to be pretty expensive. Also, he did not enjoy the texture and the taste of the gluten free food options he would find both in restaurants and supermarkets.

As a consequence, he tried to change this, little by little.

How? Day by day for his first year with his team he only focused on finding the best combination of flour to find the perfect texture. By perfect texture he meant something that would keep the original taste and consistence throughout the day, and would not become very hard to eat just by lunch time. His goal was to have everyone, both GF and non-intolerants eat his food without noticing a difference and, at the same time, ensuring a 100% Gluten Free environment.

In fact, by not offering any product containing gluten, he can guarantee there is no cross contamination at all in his products.

We can definitely say this bakery is doing amazing, as it is now becoming very famous and they have orders coming from any city in Europe.  Also, they have become suppliers of 5 stores in Selfridges and are now working to have their products entering the Wholefoods Market.

This said, they can be really proud of what they have achieved so far.

As to the food I had while there, it was definitely amazing. I started off by having some truffle and cheddar sticks, which were among the best ones I have ever had since I stopped having gluten. You could feel the crispiness, and you could not tell they were gluten free at all. In fact, it was almost 3 in the afternoon and the quality had not changed at all.

Following this starter, I had the chance to try the Beef Jalapeno sandwich they offer, and I have to admit I am still dreaming of it at night. It was not just about the texture this time, which again was beyond amazing, but also about the taste of the ingredients that were used: I was speechless and could not believe I was having such a delicious sandwich, and that it was gluten free!!

As a dessert, I had the pleasure and luck to be able to try 3 amazing desserts: Croissants filled with chocolate and two tarts: The Raspberry Passion Fruit Tart and Pistachio Ricotta Cheesecake. Again, I could not believe what I was eating.

The texture was beyond amazing: I did not have any problem when cutting them, which tends to happen with GF pastry, and it would simply melt in my mouth.

I would say the pistachio cake, together with the sandwich were my favorites, but it was a really hard choice. Once Mohamed started to tell me all the work behind each product, I was even more amazed. For each one offered, in fact, they had been working on it for about one year. One year in which they tried different combination of flours and cooking times, ingredients and techniques.

Just the amount of time they dedicate to each product they offer is a symbol of the final quality they deliver to the client and it is something that cannot be found anywhere and is definitely mirrored in what we have had.

What I loved about this bakery is how their priority are not the numbers: they are not aiming at having a huge growth as regards to clients, but rather as quality and they invest in it. They have now started to offer a lunch menu, in which the famous sandwich we have talked to you about is offered together with many other 100% GF options (see menu attached).

Projects for the future? They want to maintain their standard, of course, and are hoping to soon be able to offer dinner options for their clients and to also be able to open one new bakery in the center of the city.

What else to say? If you are in London, save some hours and definitely pass by to have breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch of tea. It will definitely be worth the visit and you will be more than happy! But what happens if you are feeling a bit lazy? No worries, they will have it delivered!

You have no excuses now, and have to try it as soon as possible if you are in town!

We can only wish good luck to the owner, and thanks for having us!! It has been a pleasure!

Address: 169 Battersea High St, London SW11 3JS, UK


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