GluFree Bakery, Milan

If you are walking around in Milan, you will have to make a stop at GLU FREE Gluten Free Bakery. (IG:@glufreebakery,  FB: Glufree Bakery)

Once you enter their bakery, you will not leave it any time soon!

Today I went there for a snack and as soon as I walked in, I was welcomed by two very nice girls, who made me feel home and comfortable since the first moment.

I was immediately attracted by the front counter, in which they had exposed some of the most typical Italian pastry. I had a cram horn and a fruit pastry.

I would have never guessed they were GF!

I decide to match them with a cappuccino. Surprisingly I noticed that they were also offering lactose-free options, so I went for it! Now you can have a real Italian experience at 360°! Nothing to stop you. Everything was delicious.

Afterward, led by curiosity, I went to have a look at the others options they were offering and I was nicely surprise. They had croissants for every taste, muffinssandwiches, focacciapizzas, arancini and crêpes (salty and sweet). Even a fridge full of cakes! Moreover, they have a bread section with different kind of tastes and shapes.

They offer everyday fresh baked products, so you will never find chewy pastry or hard bread! At the end of the day, if there are some leftovers, they give it to you as a treat or they donate everything for charity.

You got to love this bakery!

Even more, I found out they make your own cake on request (gluten-free and lactose-free of course). You can also order a tray of pastry for special occasion.

Now you can bring some Glu Free at home!

The café itself was adorable. The one I tried (Viale Gian Galeazzo 6) have wooden chairs and table, match with old forniture, plants and brick walls. The perfect place to relax, or to work, using their free Wi-Fi.

What can we say more? You will have to have a look yourself if you ever happen to visit Milan.


  • Viale Gian Galeazzo 6, Milan
  • Via Curtatone 6, Milan



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