My Celiac Life Takes on Italy

Yup… Exactly as it sounds! In the summer of 2016, I took on Italy! This meant traveling to a country that I was not familiar with, and with individuals who speak a completely different language than myself – something I find to be a challenge!

As a Celiac, I have always had a hard time finding places I was comfortable with, so this trip (I thought) would be no different.

Once I started my research, I was quick to learn JUST how many incredible restaurants there were for me to enjoy. Not only that, but I did NOT miss out on ANY food! Gelato, pizza, pasta, fries, you name it, I found a place for it! Here is how my journey in Italy began.

I started off in Sorrento, this was a bigger challenge for me, but I went to speak to a restaurant owner during the day (before the restaurant was busy) and he completely understood my situation. Ristorante L’Abate took fabulous care of me! I was even able to have my absolute FAVORITE salad (Caprese Salad).

Not to mention, Schär was ALL over the place, which made me really excited! I could go to any pharmacy, and find any gluten free goodies I wanted!

Rome was next on the list, and there was absolutely NO shortage of food for me there. Mama Eat was my go-to restaurant! With two separate kitchens (one being dedicated for gluten free).

I was seriously in Celiac heaven!

To think this was everything in Rome, is impossible! The options were endless and for someone who always worries on vacation about getting Celiac sick/glutened, I was happy that this possibility was virtually impossible!

Up next, Florence… My go-to restaurant here was Ciro and Sons! I really couldn’t get enough! Again, my food had no chance of cross-contamination, which meant I was one happy camper!

Next came Venice, another exquisite city, with the most incredible food! Here, there was absolutely NO shortage of gluten free gelato, so I basically lived on junk food! Yes, I do have a sweet tooth, and any junk food/sugar is never enough for me! Grom was my go-to place! Entirely gluten free and Celiac safe! I was stunned and couldn’t believe it!

I am counting down the days to go back to Italy.

Such an outstanding country filled with culture, excitement, and incredible gluten free foods!


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