Beyond Bread Bakery, London

Whether you are looking for a place to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea or simply a break from the city, Beyond Bread Bakery is the one you are looking for. (IG: @beyond_bread, FB: Beyond Bread Bakery)

It is a 100% Gluten Free Bakery, offering a wide range of products changing almost everyday.

You will be definitely be surprised by the wide range of options they have and, we warn you, it will not be easy choosing and you might decide to have more than one dish, or simply come back, as we did.

The first time I tried this place for lunch, I had the luck to try this delicious veggie and cheese quiche, which was simply perfect. I decided to have it with some salads, which was really good.

The crispiness was on point, and the taste was amazing!

At the end of the meal, then, I could not stop myself from trying their special cake, with orange marmalade on the top. It was definitely the perfect way to end such a delicious meal!

Amazed by such visit and unhappy at the same time for not having been able to try all the food offered, I decided to come back for brunch on a sunny Sunday. I opted for a Smoked Salmon toast (with mashed avocado and lemon dressing, plus 2 poached eggs with fresh rocket and chives):

it was beyond my expectations!!! I could not believe I was having something like this and gluten free!

This place is really a must for any gluten free Londoner or anyone traveling here. I have not tried breakfast yet, but before leaving this beautiful city, I will definitely stop by and try their croissants which look simply perfect!

Beyond Bread in London has two different locations, but they also have some of their food available at Selfridges Food Hall

The one I went to was the one located in Fitzorovia, which had the possibility to sit outside (for around 5-6 people max).

I hope that if you visit your experience will be as good as mine, and let me know how it went if you decide to stop there! We would be happy to hear your stories!!


  • Fitzrovia: 2 Charlotte Place, London W1T 1SB
  • Islington: 267 Upper Street, London N1 2UQ


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