Gluten Free Valencia, Spain by Alergi&co

Are you in Valencia and not going to try our typical food? Are you tired of being a food intolerant who cannot eat without worries when traveling?

If you are looking for carefree fun, read this!

If you are in Valencia, I would definitively recommend you to go to drink some Horchata, which is a fresh drink prepared just with water, sugar and chufas (sometimes with cinnamon and lemon to make it tastier). During this summer, I have discovered some places, which are all over the town, where you can taste the best ones.

You can go to Món Orxata, it is delicious! It is gluten free, lactose free and also fructose free. Horchata is normally taken with fartons, which are Valencian pastries. 

If you want to try gluten free ones you should go to Celiacruz, which, in my opinion, is the best place in Valencia for gluten intolerants because they do not use any product which contains gluten.

Moreover, I would suggest you to go to eat some paella for lunch. It is very easy to find a restaurant that has it in its menu, although, in my opinion, it is very difficult to come across a good one. This is why I advise you to go to El Rall. His shellfish paella is the best one I have ever tasted (you can order the paella without gluten).

Finally, if you have really enjoyed the Horchata, you can try the ice cream made of it, which is gluten free and lactose free as well (it does not have milk at all). You can buy it in, an ice-cream shop with more than 125 years of tradition. They have also a menu with all the allergens of products. 

  • Món Orxata:
  • Celiacruz: Calle Cuba, 54, 46006 Valencia
  • El Rall: Calle Tundidores 2, 46001 Valencia, España
  • Horchatería el Collado: Plaza Doctor Collado 13, 46001 Valencia, España




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